Harmony Icelandic Sheep

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Breeding Stock


Heathcliffe - 2010 Ram
Carries spotting gene.

He has lovely crimpy fleece, and has a very gentle personality. Produces excellent lambs with thick, soft fleeces and great conformations.

His offspring are absolutely stunning and are very large. He produces square builds with wonderful fleece - exactly what a ram should produce! 

We are very proud to have him featured on the cover of the Summer ISBONA Newsletter!





Apollo - 2011 Wether Moorit-Spotted

He has a very stocky build and is parasite resistant.

Incredible very thick and crimpy fleece. You will not be disappointed from the fiber shorn from this fella!

And as a bonus he walks well on lead. He has a calm personality, non-aggressive suitable for a child to care for.

                 $200 or Free with breeding package.
  Faith- 2008 Ewe

Moorit- Spotted.

Nice fleece, correct conformation and very sweet. Good size udder and very milky. She is the peacemaker in the flock.

She always comes up to be petted. Would make a wonderful child pet.


  Gretchen - 2009 Ewe

Badgerface Moorit. Soft oatmeal colored fleece and nice horn set. Stocky build and parasite resistant. She loves pears.
  Heather - 2010 Ewe

Thick black fleece with some silvering that spins great! She passes on large square frames. She has a huge udder that produces an abundance of milk for her lambs. She is very curious and loves apples. She is the first to send baa greetings. 

   April -2011 Morrit Ewe

She has the most luxurious fleece that spins beautifully and a very meaty build. Parasite resistant. She produces very large, long framed lambs. She is one my favorite ewes and is VERY friendly.

NB, 2

  Athena- 2011 Moorit Ewe

She is the prettiest ewe on the farm.

She has outstanding fleece and correct conformation. Nice wide horns too. Her fleece spins wonderfully.

She is a very attentive mother.

NB, 2

  Annabelle -2011 Black-Grey Ewe

She is a very large ewe with silky fleece and blocky build. She was wonderful as a first time mother with twins! She was shy as a lamb, but oh-so friendly now and loves to eat treats from my hand. Her fleece is almost the color of light lavender...quite lovely.

NB, 2

2014 Moorit Spotted Twin

This gal is a mirror image of her momma Bernadette. She has a kind personality and extremely dense fleece with lots of thel. 



2012 Black-Spotted Twin Ewe

This is my favorite ewe lamb from 2012. She is very large with incredible fleece. Kind personality.

She has Leadersheeep lines and is very kind.



2012 Moorit Spotted Twin Ewe

This ewe has awesome fleece along with good bone structure. Loves treats!  And is very friendly.





2012 Black-Grey
Twin Ewe

She has matured into a lovely ewe. Extremely thick fleece that is oh-so soft and it is a gorgeous uniform medium grey. She has one of the best spinning fleeces in the flock. 



April 23, 2013
Twin Ewe

This gal has the most thick and dense fleece. She has grown well as a one winter ewe and always runs up to great me and get a treat.

This gal is true pet sheep.

May 10, 2013
Twin Ewe

Cherrio is a sweet ewe. She has matured into a lovely large ewe with nice square frame, thick and crimpy medium brown fleece and always comes up to see if I have a treat.

She likes sunflower seeds.


April 22, 2014
Twin Ewe
White Pattern

 Peppermint is a quiet ewe and gets along well with everyone in the flock even the Angora goats.